How To Connect WiFi Without Password (2023)

It is very important to use WiFi over time Because as you use internet sometimes your data package gets exhausted Many times this happens with you and you do not know how long is the time for your package. and your internet package runs out very quickly So at that time

you remember I wish I had wifi because wifi is a connection once you get it After getting a WiFi connection, it happens that you remember every month that you have to pay the bill on the first date of every month. In such a way, you remember that you have to pay WiFi bill after every one month and your WiFi connection is working.

tu is a wifi connection better for you or a data package better for you Today we are going to talk about one such question among all the questions that come about WiFi. most frequently asked See whenever you use wifi or you go somewhere Many times it happens that you go for a walk .

somewhere, in school, in college, outside here and there. Somewhere , your phone’s wifi suddenly turns on Or many times it happens that you suddenly turned on the WiFi of your phone. Now as soon as you turn on the WiFi of your phone, then many such WiFi comes in your phone which are with the password. That is, you see a lot of WiFis that have a password on them. Then this question will come in your mind about which we are going to talk what is it wifi password Password is such a thing that makes .

your wifi secure Because when you set up a target or anywhere you are looking for WiFi connections around in your phone One on that means there are qualified people to secure the WiFi from which a wifi password is named it has a password on it that has secured the wifi Now this password is known

only to those who have WiFi. Because now whoever has a wifi connection, who has wifi, only he will know what is his wifi password. But the question that has been asked most successfully is how can I use someone else’s WiFi Why is this even possible, how can you know all the things, all your questions, you will get your answers in this article. Because there is one question that has taken me a long time to research Today we have brought such an answer for you, which you will see, you will have to stay with us till the end. If you have come to this article regarding WiFi, then you have come to a similar place. See if you are from India or wherever everyone is from America wherever you are from Because while there are some people who are more from India, more people are from America.

Dubai Malaysia Singapore If you belong to any country You have come to the right place in the right article Here you will be told many such techniques on which you can go to any WiFi peacefully. Because it is necessary for you to do this when you do not have a data connection because doing so is a crime It is not a good thing to do that you use someone else’s WiFi because it’s a bad thing because it’s the other guy’s wifi, the other guy’s got a wi-fi connection you don’t mind that you can see his wifi But after so many questions so many comments If you feel that you are in a place where your data package is not And it becomes very important for you that the WiFi Now as soon as you turn on the WiFi of the phone, then many WiFi will come near you. But the point is that those wifi have a password You get so upset when you come here .

How To Access Wifi Via QR code ?

now it’s a wifi qr code Have become such a trending that people see and search a lot but it’s not an easy thing either if a wifi is connected with your phone So you can see the QR code of that WiFi you have If the one who has wifi has not changed his wifi password Then through the same qr-code you can disconnect the wifi of another phone i.e. both together. Whose WiFi is connected with your phone, the same WiFi will be done with the other phone through the same qr-code. Now here you will feel very good to hear this But you don’t know that when you will connect with another phone from one qr-code .Now whoever has wifi connection can remove you, change your password Now as soon as the password is changed, the WiFi in your phone will be lost and the WiFi will also be lost from the phone of the person to whom you have given your WiFi. Then you will feel very bad because wifi will go away from your phone and also from his phone QR code is a good way of sharing But by this you lose your wifi because whoever has given you wifi has given it to you very hard. You will give wifi to someone else from very body but you do not know It has a full login page and you can remove people whenever you want. Now when this happens you get very upset because now you don’t have any wifi connection at all Now you will think that man this is a very bad thing.

how to view wifi without password ?

As soon as you turn on WiFi, there are many WiFi connections in your phone. This happens when you have gone somewhere or you are sitting at home, there are many WiFi connections coming around you. Now if you turn on WiFi, a huge list of Wi-Fi connections comes in your phone. If you do not have a data connection, then you must be thinking that how do I use WiFi? Now you get very upset after seeing the password on the WiFi. But here we are going to tell you how you can view WiFi without password. See, if you go deep into it and talk about it, then it becomes impossible. But still there is an app that you can try By doing this it will happen that when you open this application If you start it, the number of WiFi connections coming in your phone Now it will scan all and see which wifi has the easiest password Now this scan can will try to connect to the wifi which has the easiest password Because the WiFi whose password is very difficult, that WiFi can never be connected. Now it will be easy to connect to that WiFi which has a very easy WiFi password. Now many normal WiFi will come in it, many mobile hotspots will come. Because there are more such people who have turned on the hotspot, their password is not set. It sleeps many times people have set normal password from 1digit to 8 digits.Now as soon as you start it, if you try to connect, then all the easy WiFi will connect with your phone. With this you can not say that you will be able to see all wifi No, by doing this, all the WiFi will be coming in your phone, which will be the easiest WiFi That is, those who have WiFi connections whose password is very easy, which are mostly hotspots, they will connect with your phone. So this is the biggest advantage of this app .

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